Shorts Program

The Seder

When openly gay Leo decides to bring his boyfriend home for the first time to his parent’s Seder, the boundaries of love and understanding become a tad strained.

Director: Justin Kelly
Year: 2021
Country: Canada
Language: English
Runtime: 12 minutes


Rare archival film footage shows underground Purim plays staged by Jewish dissidents in the Soviet Union, when all expression of Jewish culture was strictly forbidden. Through satire, these young activists express their disdain for an overly oppressive regime.

Director: Anat Vovnoboy
Year: 2012
Country: Russia
Language: English
Runtime: 14 minutes

A Thousand Kisses

The actual correspondence of a young Jewish couple separated by the fear of persecution in Nazi Germany is recovered by their grandchildren 80 years later. A tender, animated love story done in a poetic form.

Director: Richard Goldgewicht
Year: 2017
Country: USA
Language: English
Runtime: 16 minutes