Dear Friends,

On behalf of The Jewish Community Centre of Victoria, we welcome you to our 7th annual Victoria International Jewish Film Festival. This is the JCCV’s major, annual cultural event.

The VIJFF not only brings together members and supporters of the Jewish community, but is also a way to extend friendship to the broader community. We offer a cinematic celebration of Jewish cultural life and history from Israel and throughout the world.

As with last year’s festival, this year’s festival has continued with the virtual on-line format in light of the pandemic.

However, we are now planning to include 3 in-theatre screenings at the Vic Theatre 

The festival will take place from October 16 to October 24. It will feature 4 dramatic films, 3 documentaries and 3 dramatic short films. We will also be providing two webinars this year with the directors of Whispers of Silence and They Aint Ready for Me.

We have aimed to bring you films that cover a wide range of genres. In all, we hope the Festival will have made you laugh or smile, reach your heart and soul or have offered thoughtful reflection.

Of course mounting a festival with its myriad components can only be undertaken with a wonderfully dedicated cast of volunteers who put in countless hours over the course of many months.

The VIJFF is made possible through many generous financial contributions from our sponsors, major donors and contributors. And we thank you, our viewing public, who are an essential part of our festival family and friends.

We would also like to recognize the wonderful contributions over time by the VIJFF founding director Sandra Glass.

Without further adieu, we welcome you to enjoy and relish in this year’s cinematic offering.


Farley Cates and Deborah Bricks
2021 VIJFF Co-Directors