Saturday, Nov. 3

7pm – The Cakemaker | Israel/Germany
The languid, moving love story begins with the central couple, a male Berlin baker and a married Jerusalem businessman, challenges conventional divisions between people: religious, political, and sexuality.

Following the film, viewers are invited to the VIJFF’s Opening Night Reception at the Union Club, 805 Gordon St., featuring sweet bites and bubbly, with music by the Avram McCagherty Trio.

Sunday, Nov. 4

1:30pm – Redemption | Israel
A touching drama about an Orthodox Jewish widower desperate to raise money for his daughter’s cancer treatment. He tries to re-form the rock band he led before he became religious, but life has changed for each of the band mates.

4:00pm – Who Will Write Our History | USA
A dramatic reconstruction of the efforts to record and preserve the details of Jewish life and death in the doomed Warsaw Ghetto. TheOyneg Shabbes archive hid 60,000 pages of writings and memorabilia, much of which survived the war.

A panel discussion coordinated by the Victoria Shoah Project will follow.  The theme is The Courage of Remembering with panelists: Dr. Helga Thorson, Dr. Robert Oppenheimer, Isa Milman & Dr. Rick Kool.

8:00pm – Budapest Noir | Hungary
In this stylish, violent, witty film noir, a crime reporter investigates the murder of an unknown woman in pre-World War II Budapest. Issues of the Jews’ predicament in Europe, including the temptation to assimilate, underlie the careening plot.

Monday, Nov. 5

6:00pm – A Land without Borders | Israel
In this even-handed documentary, an Israeli author talks with West Bank residents about prospects for Israeli-Palestinian peace. He concludes that the key issue is the Palestinians’ desire to return to lands they lost to Israel in 1948.

8:30 pm – Last Suit | Argentina
The drama follows a retired Jewish tailor who journeys from Buenos Aires to Poland to find the long-lost non-Jewish friend who nursed him to health after the Holocaust. Obstinate yet charming, the tailor confronts his painful memories and emotional scars.

Tuesday, Nov. 6

6:00pm – To Dust | USA
In this unconventional black comedy, a Hassidic cantor struggles with his wife’s untimely death by trying to determine the rate of her body’s decay. He sweeps a hapless college professor (Matthew Broderick) into increasingly secular and profane situations.

8:30pm – Chewdaism | Canada
The comedic “YidLife Crisis” duo offers a sometimes zany historical and cultural tour of Jewish metro-Montreal centered around its legendary foods. Jamie Elman and Eli Batalion gorge themselves as they uncover their native city’s Jewish heritage.

*These titles are subject to change due to occasional last-minute unavailability.