The Crossing

Set in Norway in World War Two, "The Crossing" follows four Norwegian children, two Jewish and their two Christian helpers, as they attempt to cross the border into neutral Sweden.

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Growing up in a Kurdish village in north-eastern Syria in the 1970s, Sero and his uncle act as the "sabbath goy’im" for their Jewish neighbours: an old couple and their daughter, Hannah. Years later, Sero is an Iraqi refugee camp when Hannah comes looking for him.

Here We Are

In this humorous and heartwarming exploration of the father/son relationship, we meet Aharon and his adult son, Uri, who is autistic. Is Uri ready for greater independence or is Aharon the one who isn’t ready?

Winter Journey

Stellar German actor Bruno Ganz, in his last performance onscreen, stars as Georg Goldsmith, a Jewish German father, who spends a weekend recollecting his past to his son—recounting, his memories of love, music, and the horrors of the Holocaust.

Whispers of Silence

The trauma of the Holocaust was always present in the lives of survivors. All too often, this trauma also passed on to their children with secrets, fears, guilt, sadness and nightmares. The film explores the varied manifestations of such trauma.


"Whispers of Silence" 'live' discussion featuring directors Aarón and Esther Cohen, plus Thomas Laboucan-Avirom, Nathan Kelerstein, Charlotte Schallié & Richard Kool (moderator). "They Ain't Ready For Me" 'live' interview featuring director Brad Rothschild.