Kiss Me Kosher
Feel-Good Film Festival June 6-10, 2021
Available 8:30pm PDT by donation
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When Shira and Maria set out to begin a new life together in Tel Aviv everything is more complicated than they bargained for.

They run into Shira’s former lovers at every turn, Shira’s grandmother objects to Maria’s German heritage while maintaining a secret romance of her own, Shira’s parents are almost too encouraging, Maria’s parents arrive on the doorstep and Shira’s younger brother documents the whole thing on film for a school project. What could possibly go wrong?

This energetic German/Israeli romantic comedy touches on a host of issues in current Israeli society, leaving us with plenty to ponder and lots of laughter.

Next Wave Jury Prize 2021 Miami Jewish Film Festival

Jan Nolan

Director: Shirel Peleg
Year: 2020
Country: Israel, Germany
Language: English, German, Hebrew, Arabic with English Subtitles
Runtime: 101 minutes
Genre: Comedy