Everyone who registers for the virtual VIJFF film series will receive links to all the films and discussion groups at or shortly before the time scheduled for the viewing window to open. Live streamed events will be available to join via Zoom.  To join an event via Zoom all participants will be on mute, with the ability to interact via the text chat options. Please ensure that you download the latest Zoom client and have tested your computer video and audio prior to any events.

Virtual Films additional Information

How will I access the films from home?
Virtual registrants will receive an email with a link and password to access the films. You will need an email address and reliable internet to participate in the virtual film seriesl. Films can be streamed on any “smart” device: a smart TV, a desktop or laptop computer, a tablet, or even a smart phone. If you have the capacity for phone-to-TV-screen mirroring, that is also an option.
When will the link for the films arrive?
The links for each individual film will arrive at or shortly before the time scheduled for the viewing window to open. If you don’t see the message containing the link in your inbox, make sure to check your junk/spam folder.
Can the films be viewed more than one time?
Films can be paused and re-started throughout the three-day (72 hour) viewing window. However, we do request that members of a household view together.
How do we access live discussions with guest speakers?
For those films that involve live discussion components, the registration link for the Zoom discussion will arrive in the same message as the viewing link. How to join a Zoom meeting
Will the discussions be interactive? Will there be an opportunity for questions and answers?
You can submit questions live via the Zoom chat feature. For security and time, we may need to curate questions to some extent. 

Technology Tips

To watch the films on your computer tablet or smartphone: 

Once the viewing window opens, click on the link that was provided in the confirmation email you received. Follow any additional instructions regarding virtual entry, such as the use of a password. It is recommended that you copy and paste the password rather than trying to type it in. Passwords are case sensitive.

It is strongly recommended that you test your streaming devise with this YouTube video

Watch the films on your Smart Television using Streaming Devices:

Chromecast – With a Google Chromecast device, you can ‘cast’ directly to your television from any compatible app or device. Chromecast is built into many smart tvs, and also available as additional hardware. You can stream films on Chromecast by ‘casting’ from your smartphone, tablet, or computer on the same Wi-Fi network.  For information on using your Chromecast, click here

AirPlay – Screen sharing is available using your Apple AirPlay enabled device or SmartTV (most Samsung TVs).  Instructions for screen sharing from an Apple device using your Apple TV using AirPlay can be found here

HDMI Cable – Using a special cable available at many stores, you can connect your computer or mobile device to your television.  If you have a laptop or nearby computer with an HDMI port, you can connect it directly to your television, using it as a second or external monitor. Some laptops or computers require special adaptors or dongles to connect to the HDMI cable. The details will depend on your setup.  We recommend referencing your television and computer manuals for more information. 

To watch on your television (with no Smart TV capabilities):
You must have a HDMI cable to connect your laptop to your TV. Once it is connected to the proper plugs, select the correct input source on your TV. This will allow you to mirror the computer screen on your TV.