Retro Drive-In

Parking lot opens at 7pm. Cars are parked on a first come basis, starting with the front (closest to the screen) and moving toward the back of the lot.

Sunday, Aug 23

8:30pm – The Keeper | United Kingdom

The Keeper is the unbelievable true story of Bert Trautmann (David Kross), a German soldier and prisoner of war who overcame extreme prejudice to become an English football icon.  More than a talented player on the pitch; he became an essential bridge in the German-British relationship in a tumultuous post-war environment.  The Keeper creates a layered portrayal of a man battling his past while attempting to create a new life.  A complex portrayal of forgiveness, redemption, and finding acceptance within ourselves.

Monday, Aug 24

8:30pm – Mossad | Israel
The film program begins with the short film L’Dor V’Dor | Canada

Mossad broke box office records in 2019, to become Israel’s #1 comedy of the summer.  The plot is hardly original – an American tech billionaire is kidnapped in Jerusalem.  Mossad assigns their top agent to the case, the gorgeous Guy Moran.  But of course, that’s not enough for the State Department, who send their own agent, Linda Harris, to lead the rescue operation.  Inevitably, the two agents compete with each other to save the world from an international terror organization.  Mossad is a sublimely absurd comedy.  Python fans will adore it.  But in fact, it’s a film for all of us who yearn to escape the grinding uncertainty and anxiety of our current lives.

L’Dor V’Dor is a deeply touching Canadian short film about a father and son facing a cultural conflict that threatens to end their relationship.  The father worries that his adult son has lost his religious and cultural identity, and the son anticipates momentous changes in his life; committing to a life partner and becoming a parent. The son worries his father cannot relate to the changing times especially as the beliefs of the two generations seem to be diametrically opposed.  

Tuesday, Aug 25

8:30pm – Saul & Ruby’s Holocaust Survivor Band | USA
The film program begins with the short film Give it Back! | USA/Israel

Saul Dreier (94) and Ruby Sosnowicz (90), two Polish Holocaust survivors living in South Florida, have harnessed their love of life and music to createthe first ever Holocaust Survivor Band. Playing the music of their bittersweet youth, Saul and Ruby perform across the country with the dream of raising enough money to one day perform in Poland and tell their story of hope and healing. Winner of the Grand Jury Prize at the Miami Jewish Film Festival and directed by Oscar nominee Tod Lending, Saul and Ruby’s Holocaust Survivor Band is a hilarious and moving celebration of life. It’s an inspiring affirmation of how music can transcend age and background to help us find purpose, and how confronting our deepest wounds can breathe new life into the world around us.

Give it Back! is a story about alienation, friendship and home. Olivia is a 12 year old immigrant from New York. She is trying to find her place in the new world she just landed in, Israeli society.  From her first day in 6th grade she is figuring out how to survive in a hostile environment. Instantly she connects with Alem, an Ethiopian boy who sits next to her in class. It doesn’t take long for her to realize that their friendship is social suicide.