Virtual Film Series Program

Saturday, Oct 17 to Tuesday Oct, 20

Viewing window opens at 7:30pm Saturday, October 17. After the film becomes available you will have 72 hours to start watching. Once you begin watching, you will have 24 hours to finish watching.

Asia | Israel
Starring Emmy award nominee Shira Haas (Esty on “Unorthodox) as Vika and Alena Yiv in the title role, Asia follows a teenage girl and her divorced mother, both Russian immigrants to Israel, as they struggle with family dysfunction and the daughter’s rapidly advancing degenerative disease. Asia won three awards at the Tribeca Film Festival, including Best Actress for Haas and the Nora Ephron Award for director and screenwriter Ruthy Pribar, given to a female filmmaker who embodies the spirit of the late writer, director, journalist and feminist. 
Note: Asia portrays sexual situations.

Shared Legacies | USA
Sponsored by: Victoria Shoah Project
Discussion Panel Tuesday October 20, 8:30pm
“Walking together to freedom”: Black and Jewish collaboration during the US Civil Rights era as experienced first-hand by Vancouver Island residents.”

The documentary looks at the modern-day alliance between African Americans and Jewish Americans. It begins with the founding of the NAACP in 1909 and showcases the bigotry and segregation that both groups have faced. There are narrations and testimonies from Holocaust survivors, leaders, advocates, and prominent Atlantans such as U.S. Rep. John Lewis, Ambassador Andrew Young, Rabbi Alvin Sugarman, Rabbi Peter S. Berg, members of the King family, and many others.  U.S. Rep. John Lewis passed away in July, 2020.

Saturday, Oct 24 to Tuesday Oct, 27

Viewing window opens at 7:30pm Saturday, October 24. After the film becomes available you will have 72 hours to start watching. Once you begin watching, you will have 24 hours to finish watching.

Leona | Mexico
Leona is an emotional, sometimes humorous tale of forbidden love and self-discovery. Ariela (Naian González Norvind) is a young female artist who lives with her family in Mexico City. Pressured by friends and family to find a husband from within their tightknit Syrian Jewish community, Ariela falls for a charming non-Jewish young man.  Leona has won film festival awards in France, Spain and Mexico, including Best Actress for González Norvind at the Morelia (Mexico) International Film Festival. 
Note: Leona contains several brief scenes of nudity as well as sexual situations.

Holy Silence | USA
Holy Silence highlights the debate over the Vatican’s role during the Holocaust as well as America’s positions in this respect.  This is a very compelling film, leaving the audience to decide what really was the Vatican’s role and position. This film premiered ahead of the imminent opening of the Secret Vatican Archives for 1939-1958; it provides historical context for 17 million pages of documents being released.

Still Happy | USA | short film
A middle-aged baseball fan goes to Delray Beach seeking out George “Happy” Halliday, a modest man who once played second base for the 1962 New York Mets. The fan has brought a baseball signed by members of the team that Happy played for; a baseball which will become much more valuable once his old hero signs it.

Saturday, Oct 31 to Tuesday Nov, 3

Viewing window opens at 7:30pm Saturday, October 31. After the film becomes available you will have 72 hours to start watching. Once you begin watching, you will have 24 hours to finish watching.

Those Who Remained | Hungary
Sponsored by: Victoria Shoah Project
Discussion Panel Monday November 2, 8:30pm
“Surviving after the Shoah.”: An exploration of surviving trauma and finding resilience. How survivors rebuilt their lives in Hungary while navigating the new pro-soviet regime.

A beautifully and sensitively scripted film portraying the healing effect of love between two traumatized Holocaust survivors in postwar Budapest. The main characters, a doctor and a teenaged woman who both lost their families in the camps, find solace in each other as surrogates for lost parents and children. The script is cleverly penned and the acting and direction is excellent. The cinematography has a definite bleakness, reflective of not only Hungary after the war but as a prelude to the Stalinist postwar years.

Douze Points | France/Israel
Douze Points is about TJ, a proud, gay Muslim singer fulfilling his dream to represent France in Europe’s biggest song contest. ISIS decides to plant one of their operatives, acting as TJ’s boyfriend, into the French delegation in order to set off an explosion under the stage during the final performance of the event. As producer Adar Shafran and his team were preparing this film to air in tandem with the actual Eurovision event in Spring 2019, they had no idea how much their fictional vision would resemble reality. The actual French entry turned out to be the gay French-Moroccan singer Bilal Hassani, whose dazzling array of wigs and makeup rivaled the fictional TJ’s sequins, and whose persona infuriated orthodox Muslims. This film is a silly, colourful satire complete with endearingly kitsch musical numbers.