The Testament

The Testament photo

Narrative – Israel

Monday, Nov. 20, 8:30 PM at the Roxy Theatre

Yoel, a senior Holocaust researcher, is in the midst of a widely covered legal battle against powerful forces in Austria concerning a brutal massacre of Jews that took place in the village of Lensdorf.
While investigating the incident, Yoel examines classified testimonies of Holocaust survivors, among which is a testimony of his mother that he didn’t know existed. Conducting a double-investigation, personal and scientific, Yoel is trapped between Holocaust deniers and a wall of silence by the survivors themselves. As a religious historian with an unshakeable commitment to the truth, he decides to continue his investigations even at the cost of ruining his personal and professional life.

First Prize, Haifa International Film Festival 2017
Haifa jury commentary: “This is a film that tells the story of an obsessive Israeli hero dealing courageously with an identity crisis, with the place of tragic Jewish history in his private life, and with the need to reach the truth as the only way to continue forward.”

Directed by Amichai Greenberg
93 mins.

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