The Bloom of Yesterday

Te Bloom of Yesteryear photo

Narrative – Germany

Tuesday, Nov. 21, 8:30 PM at the Roxy Theatre

In this raucous and irreverent comedy, an esteemed German Holocaust scholar, Toto, is assigned to work with a French Jewish intern, Zazie, a Jewish graduate student who is as psychologically imbalanced but as ambitious as he. Toto and Zazie have something else in common: he is the grandson of a Nazi war criminal, while she is the granddaughter of a Holocaust victim.

Chris Kraus’ audacious The Bloom of Yesterday wrings comedy from unfathomable atrocity. Yet the film’s lightness allows its inherent gravity to settle fully once we apprehend its true message: that every generation must find its own path to reckoning with the daunting shadows of history.

Directed by Chris Kraus
120 mins.

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