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Narrative – Israel

Saturday, Nov. 18, 7:00 PM at the Roxy Theatre, followed by the VIJFF opening night party at Dance Victoria Studios, 2750 Quadra St., in Victoria

Sponsored by Frances Rosenberg

The beautiful harpist Sarah is married to Abraham, the charismatic conductor of the Jerusalem Philharmonic Orchestra. With no children, their melancholy life revolves around their music. Enter Hagar, a young horn player who joins the orchestra and forms a close personal relationship with Sarah. Their bond gives way to something more fraught, when Hagar offers to carry the couple’s baby. A modern retelling of the story of Abraham, Sarah and Hagar from Genesis, Harmonia offers surprising new ways to interpret the ancient story.

Dir. Ori Sivan
98 mins.
Nominated for five Israeli Academy Awards.
Winner of the Best Cinematography Award and
The Lia Van Leer Jewish Heritage awards, both at the Jerusalem Film Festival.

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