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Narrative (adults and children 10+) – Israel

Sunday, Nov. 19, 1:30 PM at the Roxy Theatre

Sponsored by Sydney and Robert Kalef

Ancient legends warn Israeli children about the Abuleles — enormous, furry and sometimes dangerous monsters able to hide amongst humans by making themselves invisible except to special children who are in need of a friend. In this heartfelt family film, Adam, a young boy dealing with the death of his older brother, discovers an Abulele living in the basement of his building. But when Adam realizes that it is not the Abulele but thoughtless humans who are the real monsters, he risks everything to save his friendly giant.

This film contains themes that may be scary to some younger children (the existence of big but friendly monsters, and sensitively presented family tragedy). It is likely to appeal to children 10 and older, who will enjoy the action and adventure, and to adults, who will perceive the important social messages this well-made Israeli film aims to present. Abulele, an official selection of TIFF Kids, can be described as the Israeli equivalent of Steven Spielberg’s ET: The Extraterrestrial. Because the film is in Hebrew, we will have actors reading the subtitles aloud during the screening for youngsters who might have trouble doing so.

Directed by Jonathan Geva
90 mins.
Official selection at TIFF Kids!

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